Friday, December 14, 2007

1, 2, 3 ........

Last time I posted was how many days ago? 10? No, 11?

Note to myself, next year do not take, repeat, DO NOT, take any wholesale order for the yarn business while your other business is open 7 days a week. Last time I checked, still 7 days in a week (and 24 hours in a day.)

Anyway, if you are a member Full Toes Ahead, I hope you are happy with the colorway and the pattern. If you do not, what are you waiting for?

In the mist of skeining, dyeing, and re-skeining, there was one FO: I finally finished and felted the felted bag that was 95% done since August:

Felted Bag

Needle: US 11 / 8.0 mm
Yarn: Lion Brand Lion Wool Solid 1 skeins = 158.0 yards (144.5m) in Sage and Lion Brand Lion Wool Prints 2 skeins = 286.0 yards (261.5m) Majestic Mountain
Pre-felting dimensions: 18x19"
Post-felting dimensions: 14.5x11"

But mostly there were WIPs while I am working my x-mas list.

My brother's socks

Socks for my brother, toe-up, but see what I am doing? I have put the first sock on hold on some scrape yarn and started the second one from the other end of the ball. I have developed a real phobia about running out of yarn. It have not having good sock karma lately (after the Gryffindor sock, even the Jaywalker has been misbehaving, but we won't talk about that.)

I have received some wonderful stitch markers from Emma Crookshanks of Hufflepuff for Hogwarts Sock Swap I:

Gryffindor Stitchmarkers

Aren't they beautiful? I do appreciate the paper as well!

But my good fortune did not stop there, I won one of the prizes for Knit Unto Others and a skein of sock yarn from Wooly Wonka Fiber is on its way to me!

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