Monday, December 03, 2007

How many WIPS do I have?

I haven't counted them, but I think I can keep doing this for a while. Today I have two very old ones. First up is the Simple Knitted Bodice by Stefanie Japel:


I am making it in Noro Lily, sadly discontinued (too soft for Noro standards?)

The only piece missing is the second sleeve:


Ok, I do not have a photo of the sleeve finished, but believe me, it is. But after I finished the second sleeve, I need to lengthen the body because I tried it on and it is way too short. All considered, I am very close on this one, but cotton/silk? No hurry to finish it now.

Second up is my Sugar Maple Shawl, that I am making in DK Cashmere hand-dyed by me:

Sugar Maple Shawl

The original is at FTA, and it is not really my color, so I decided back in February to make myself another one. I would say that I am about 2/3 done, but of course it'll have to wait until after the holidays.

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