Sunday, August 12, 2007


Picture taken by Principessa while I was sobbing.

Yeah, I know, the picture is blurry. Do you really want to know? Ok, look here (sit first):

Got yarn?

That is the yarn I have left, and I have to make the whole toe of the sock. The whole toe, and no yarn left. Of the second sock of the Sockapalooza 4 socks (yes, they were due a week ago, we won't talk about that.) The yarn? Cherry Tree Hill Supersock with no ball band (I got this yarn in a swap-bot exchange, one of those "send yarn from your stash exchange".)
Hollis told me that she thinks it's a potluck colorway, so I am dead in the water, no chance whatsoever to find another one (and even if it were not a potluck skein, CTH colorways are so variable that I would be dead anyway.)

I started to notice that something was wrong (read: I do not think that I have enough yarn) yesterday morning, but I kept knitting hoping that the ball would get bigger. Reality set in when a customer of my store looked at my socks and said, "Nice yarn, Koigu? You do not have enough." When a random knitter passing by comments that you do not have enough yarn, usually you do not have enough yarn.

In the vain attempt to make my yarn last longer, I screw up several times so I had to rip back and keep knitting, but eventually I had to face reality: I do not have enough yarn.

I am going to cry some more now.

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