Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Disaster recovery

1. Post on the blog, so that many people smarter than will give me sympathy and suggestions. Agnes is a genius, I kept thinking that I could not possible send my pal a pair of sock with one toe in a different color, but of course, as she said, both toes in a coordinating color!

2. Go to the LYS and see if I can find that coordinating color (you would think that in my stash of 200+ different yarns I could find something, think again.)

3. Get an amazing package from Karen of ABC's of Creative Pursuits:

Swap-bot Pink Package

3. Dye some new yarn:

Panda Sock Yarn

Panda Sock Yarn, a wool, bamboo, and nylon blend, that I just got and love. It will go on etsy soon, and look on the side bar ---------->
I even have a newsletter now!

4. Swatch my freshly dyed yarn:

Panda Sock Yarn

Swatching a new yarn always makes me happy, new yarn with new colorway, double points.

5. Dye some more:

Panda Sock

6. And more:

Reynolds Dover

7. OK, enough with the dyeing, let's go back to task. I fished this from my stash:

CTH Supersocks

and I sent it to my pal with an apologetic note telling her about the disaster and that her socks are doomed will be a little late.

9. Finishing the Gaeta Tank Top for One Planet Yarn and Fiber:

Gaeta Tank Top

Nothing to do with socks, but saying "Done!" always feels good.

10. What if the coordinating toes thing does not work? Need to knit another pair of socks right now. Toe up socks, it would take a while before I muster the courage to knit another top down sock. Decide to use my pattern, it should go fast and smoothly (stay tuned on this blog to see how many times I can screw up a pattern that I wrote.) Look for yarn, and decide on this one:

Yarn Botanika
Yarn Botanika Merino/Tencel in Hot Summer Nights

Roll the yarn in two equal balls:

Yarn on the scale

Yarn on the scale

Swatch the yarn, and NOT get gauge.

11. Go look for another yarn and spend few hours debating between this:


and this:

Fleece Artist Merino Socks

Fleece Artist won because it is superwash. Swatch. Get gauge. Do the happy dance.

12. Since I am swatching, swatch for the Hogwarts Sock Swap as well:

Louet Gems in Burgundy

And while I am at it, email Sheri to see if she has an extra hank of Louet Gems in Burgundy in dye lot # 80-1582-9, you know, just in case.

13. Cancel Paperino's party for Sunday, since most of his friends are on vacation, and reschedule for September. Thia has nothing to do with the socks, but the idea I do not have to deal with a bunch of 7 years old this Sunday makes me feel better anyway.

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