Thursday, October 13, 2005

What day is today?

Seriously, I have been sick since last Thursday night, and while I am functioning thanks to powerful drugs, I found out last night that I am not quite functioning.
First of all, don't get worried, it's only a cold. No, the mother of all colds, the type of cold that makes me not want to knit. That was Friday night, when my husband had a panic look on his face, fearing for my life. And for his trip, since he was supposed to leave on Sunday morning.
But Saturday I stayed in bed and I knitted fish all day long. Husband was reassured by the number of fish and left on Sunday morning.
I had to drag myself out of the bed because Principessa had her soccer team photo - who on earth schedule photos on Sunday 9 a.m.? Very cruel people.
That was the only thing I did on Sunday - when we got back home I told the kids that if they did not make any noise, they could watch TV all day long. They disappeared.
Hollis came to visit in the afternoon, and she brought me chicken soup! She could not believe I never had chicken soup before, and I discovered it is good. Really surprised because I do not like soups usually.
Monday morning I told the kids that they did not need to go to camp (Columbus Day, so school closed) since I was staying home. They begged me to drive them there. Well, I guess that answer the question: How much television is too much television. So I dropped them off (basically in my pj) and went back home to crawl into bed.
Now that was Monday 10th, so you would think Tuesday was the 11th. Not in my mind. I have convinced myself that the 11th would be Wednesday and that "tonight" means "tomorrow night".
You see, there was this Foundation Board meeting on October 11th, and I had no doubt in my mind it was on Wednesday. To my defense I would say that beside the fact that I am sick, the board meetings are always on a Wednesday. Why on earth it was a Tuesday this time? No idea.
And so, I marched there, to the school library, kids in tow (husband out of town, remember?) yesterday night. Library locked. So I asked Principessa (who is way more reliable than me): Today is the 11th, right?
No, it the 12th, she answered.
So I whipped out my powerbook from my backpack, I opened my email and I showed to her:
Look, yesterday I got this email from Amy, and she wrote:
See you tonight.
Silence. Big sigh.
Mom, tonight means "stasera", not "domani sera".
Yeah, mommy, added Paperino.

Imagine five minutes of silence here. And then a flurry of activities, and phone calls, until I tracked down some stuff I needed to complete by today, and I did, thank you.

So, today is Thursday 13th, right. And tomorrow I need to bring Paperino to the dentist because they left a message on the answer machine at home to confirm his appointment for tomorrow.

Why a minute, if they said "tomorrow" yesterday, is that tomorrow or today?

I am going to call them .......

Oh, one last thing, I believe that while not coherent I have been buying yarn. I am positive I bought some marvelous Jo Sharp Silkroad DK from Deb (and she gave me a great price), but I have reason to suspect I ordered more. Or not? But it worked, I am feeling better.