Monday, October 10, 2005

Squares and more squares

I checked the dimensions of the square I made for the Diva knitting Challenge: 10 inches. Good. 10 inches. That's not 20 cm, isn't it? Well, maybe she did ask for 10 inches squares. Check. No, she did not.


Why did I casted 40 stitches to begin with? With a gauge of 4 sts / 1", it is 10 inches.

Ok, rather than frog it, I went look in my stash and I casted with Heilo. And checked the measurements. But while I was knitting the square, I remembered that Kerstin sent this yarn to me, lots of it, a while ago because I won a contest on her blog.


I do not know why I haven't thought of it before, but these are going to Annie for the Afghan Project in Memory of John Glick.

Off to knit some more for the Diva Knitting Challenge.

Oh, and I managed to convince myself that it would be very reasonable to spend 13 bucks or so to buy 8 balls of Wool of the Andes Tomato, so I can make 9 more of this, then 10 in this color and 20 with Heilo, and I have a twin size afghan.