Saturday, October 08, 2005

Small fish, big fish

On the Knitter's Review Forum there is a discussion going on about dishcloths - I do not get it either, my quick "I want to try a stitch" projects are squares that eventually will become an afghan. My latest square is this one:


for the Diva knitting Challenge - Wool of the Andes, Tomato. 110 yards is not enough for two squares, but I had plenty of leftovers, I made a fish:

One Fish

for my Escher Blanket, and then two, and three, and I start thinking: Wouldn't be fun to make an afghan out of fish? Big fish. So I grabbed my funky yarn, needles #13, and here it is, a big fish:

One Big Fish

and you know how it goes, two big fish:

Two Big Fish

three big fish:

Three Big Fish