Thursday, October 06, 2005

Socks on two circulars

It is not a secret that I prefer dpns to circular needles - heck, I prefer anything to circular needles - but I must confess that those little suckers are growing on me since I discover the combination knitting. Or whatever it is called the thing I do so that I do not have to move the yarn so much. And no sewing, I love that.
Still, no sewing with socks on dpns either, and I really like my dpns, so cute and tiny.
The other night, Amy was knitting two socks on two circulars. Then Nona blogged about two circulars. What is this, a conspiracy? I need to try everything once!
And the idea of finishing two socks at once is tempting.
So, I got bored with my Misty Garden:

Misty Garden

I got bored with Dancing Baby:

Dancing Baby

And I remembered that I have printed instruction for two socks on two circs a while ago. Of course they were nowhere to be found. Too lazy to blingo it again.
Ok, yarn Deb gave me, two US #2 needles, instruction on how to do the Turkish cast on from Vague, I am ready to go:

Tw socks on two circulars

Note to myself: next time do not waste time and natural resources to print instructions for thing I can figure out by myself in a couple of minutes. Unless there is some magic trick to avoid tangles, because, I tell you, two circs and two balls of yarn...

Anyway, once I am done with the toes, I am thinking a simple lace insert, like lacey ribs.