Monday, August 08, 2005


Remember my rule about "yarn diet out" once I have passed the state line? Guess what, I am in Minneapolis, that is in Minnesota!

And today I went to depth of field yarn and I bought a bunch of stuff. You know, I think I may hit the 500 balls soon. Really. I participated in this yahoo yarn coop and it is taking so long to get the stuff I have no idea what I have ordered. The hemp was a total surprise and I still have to add those 15 balls to the total - I haven't had the time to take pics yet. And KnitPicks is ending me the replacement yarn while I can keep the wrong one. How much did I buy today? 13 balls and some buttons, and I got a free pattern.

I have done some knitting on the plain here, all three repeats of lace for Soleil are done, and I have actually started a fourth one because I have forgotten I needed to do only three. I am kind of sad the lace part is already done, now it's all boring stockinette.

Oh, and about Hopeful, yes, I did buy it for the cancer angle, but I was planning to make it for Principessa, the smallest size is going to be just a tad too large for her. But then, considering how many projects I am planning to make, but the time I get to it, it will be fine!

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