Thursday, July 28, 2005


When I came back, I found several things in the mail.

First of all, Colette sent me this pattern:


Isn't it beautiful? The pattern suggests 100% cotton, but I am thinking about SWTC Oasis Passion.

Then I received this from KnitPicks:

Knit Picks Paint Your Own

Wrong yarn, I ordered fingering, not lace! Not happy.

But I got my two orders of needles from Loop, so I can start on Soleil, Tivoli and OSW - since I do not have much on the needles.


  1. I can't seem to get the other comments to work in Foxfire or IE - dunno why - so I figured to comment here in the less popular comments area... *g*

    LOVE the pattern - complete marvelous! And wow!!

  2. My Knit Picks order was bad too -- the color was totally not like the one online for my Andean Silk so I have to send it back! Luckily it was free shipping on this end.


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