Friday, July 29, 2005

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After much thinking and research, I have decided to abandon the idea of making a Triada. I have been looking at similar patterns and I have come to the conclusion that to make as wide as I want, I really need at least two skeins, but I am not going to spend another $30 plus for a project I am not that interested in anymore.

So, what to do with La Boheme? When I was visiting A Good Yarn, I saw an Opera Scarf and I loved it. I have seen the pattern before, but the photo on the cover does not do it justice. And, hey, Opera with La Boheme? It's destiny.

I blogged a while ago about the Afghan Project in the name of John Glick that is being organized by Annie of Knitty Gritty - this is my first square with Knit Picks Wool of Andes:


I say "first" because I'll keep making squares until I am done with the ball - I need to work throughout my stash here!
And since I am on the subject, the next due date for Afghans for Afghans is September 15. Read here about the Special Campaign for 5,000 Children.

Another of my nieces is visiting - actually, I usually say "my husband's niece" because, well, she is my husband's niece, his brother's daughter, but I was severally reprimanded for that. And while I am writing this I am wondering while I let that carry over here - my blog.

Anyway, Principessa decided to make her a hat for the winter. The actual deal is that Principessa told me that I need to finish the Kidlet Tank she was working on because she needs to make the hat. Um, why don't I get to make the hat? One of the reasons is that she was eyeing this

Noro Tubu

for a while now, and it is just perfect for a quick albeit gorgeous hat.

Since I am done with my Sockapal2za socks, and I have given up on Triada, two knit-alongs out, one knit-along in: I joined the felted abg KAL and I going to make BHB soon - it's my stashbuster project for August.

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