Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Tuesday is knit-along day

But who cares? After reading Agnes's comment, I went to the Saks 5th Ave outlet (can you believe there is one downtown Minneapolis?), I bought a large luggage I am going to check in, and I went yarn shopping until I dropped dead.

Well, not really. But I thought about it, and considered it. I seriously considered it.

So, to answer Agnes' question: why don't you just buy whatever you like and forget about the yarn diet thing?

1. I never said I was sane.
2. 500 balls of yarn is me restraining myself. Tell me just to forget it is like telling someone who is trying to lose weight just to forget the diet just because they slacked a little - well, maybe not so little - and hate cheesecake. If they did, instead of going from 150 lb to 125 lb, they will be at 200. Same with me, if I just bought whatever I want, I would have to move furniture out of my house to make room for yarn.
3. I gave myself permission to buy yarn during these business trip because this is the last one I am going to take this year. Then, it is dieting until Christmas - both food and yarn.

But I did go to Saks 5th Ave, and I bought a $118 skirt for 15 bucks. No yarn.

Oh, thanks a bunch for the suggestions, Sauniell, but I do not have a car, so no A Sheepy Yarn Shoppe. But I may try and swing by either Creative Fibers or Clickity Sticks and Yarn on my way to the airport tomorrow - I have directions printed out!

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