Tuesday, February 09, 2010


"Packing" is code for "how much yarn can I stuff in our suitcases?" Packing usually leads to me saying things like, "no, you do not need socks, I'll just pack some sock yarn."

This time around, for reasons I am not going into it (they do bring the headache back), we have very limited space, so here is all I am bringing:

- my Knitting Olympics project, all 15 balls of Sesia New Jersey (a couple will be in the carry-on since I have to cast on the plane, but the rest will be packed.)
- Daisy, 3 balls of Mission Falls 1824 Cotton
- Zephyr Shawl, one ball of 630 yards, lace knitting was invented for traveling
- Globe Trotter Mahogany Socks, because I need to knit socks on the plane
- since I plane to finish the socks while in Italy, Sleekit Mitts for the ride back (1 ball of fingering yarn)

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