Monday, February 08, 2010

Knitting Olympics

In 2006 the Yarn Harlot held the first Knitting Olympics. The event ended up to be larger than the actual Olympics (try googling "Knitting Olympics 2006" and you get more than than 350,000 results.) Then Ravelry came along and now we have the ravelympics 2010, but as much I love Ravelry, the Knitting Olympics belongs with Stephanie (and besides that, I am afraid that reading the Ravelympics rules will make my headache come back.)

So I am in for the Yarn Harlot Knitting Olympics. I will knit a sweater, like last time, 2 Tone Sweater by Amy King. I will be casting on on the plane to Italy and it is particularly fitting that I will use the yarn that I got several years ago in the same place I will be staying during President's Week.

Swatching tonight at knit night.

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