Sunday, February 28, 2010

Back and getting back to normal

After being away for President's Week, the past week has all been about trying to catch up with pretty much everything. Tons, and I really mean "tons", of stuff awaited for me when I got back. This is the state of my desk:


Each and every piece of paper needs to be dealt with, and the volume is actually way down (I wish I could say the same for my inbox.) And we won't even talk about what's up there:


After all, if it is up there, it is not important. But let's start from two weeks ago, when we went here for a week:

And as I thought, not much to do and heavy use of the iPod, so I finished the Globe Trotter Mahogany Socks:

Globe Trotter Mahogany Socks
Pattern: Globe Trotter Socks by Jodie St. Clair from Strings & Yarn
Yarn: Superfine Superwash Sport Merino by Lisa Souza
Ravelry project page here.

I did not work on the Zephyr Shawl as much as I wanted to, because I got a nasty cold, I even lost my voice for a couple of days (my husband thought was an improvement not a problem), and I was completely out of it on our flight back (found out that I can sleep on the plane if the kids are on the other side of the isle and I am drugged.)

Zephyr Shawl
Yarn: Zephyr Laceweight Wool-Silk by Fiddlesticks Knitting
Pattern: June Marinella Shawl by Lucia Tedesco from Maglia!
Ravelry project page here.

I was knitting this for Hollis as a Stitches sample, as as you can see, I did not finish it, but I work on it all day while I was at Stitches, and it got several people to buy this gorgeous yarn ($11 for a ball and you get a shawl out of it!)
And that brings us to Stitches West 2010 ...... but that is the subject of tomorrow post.

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