Sunday, August 31, 2008

Still playing catch up

Every August I truly believe that once the kids are back to school, I will have more free time, and every August I am wrong. I still can't explain this phenomenon, but I should know by now.

The Ravelympics are done and I have managed to finish to more socks:

December Socks

December Socks
Pattern: December Socks by me for FTA sock club
Yarn: LuLu's Yarns Panda Sock, 1 skein in Rosso di Sera

Fall Fire Socks

 Fall Fire Socks
Pattern: Fall Fire Socks by me for Robyn's Nest Sock Club
Yarn: LuLu's Yarns Supersock, 1 skein in Fall Fire.

Since I do not have to knit socks anymore, I spent much time fantasying about sweaters and so (fantasying mostly because I haven't had much time for actual knitting), but then ended up casting on for a project with sock yarn:

Fingerless Gloves
Pattern: Mikado Ribbon Fingerless Gloves by Cathy Campbell
Yarn: Monarchby flydesigns

It only looks like a sock!