Saturday, May 17, 2008

Plans and deadlines

I am one of those person who thrive under pressure. If a project takes two weeks, you can bet that I will start one week before the deadline, otherwise, where is the fun?
That applies to knitting as well, if I look at my Ravelry notebook, I see that the projects that have been "in progress" for over a year are the ones for which I have no deadline. Actually, I have been deadlines free the whole month of May, hence the proliferation of small mindless projects. Even the plan is not helping, because I have decided to de-stash May yarn due to the mohair sensitivity issue:

plan 2008

So to get out my knitting slump I have decided to give myself a couple of deadlines; my Logcabin Blanket is going to be for my cousin's baby (due in June) and my I was going to wear my Sugar Maple Shawl at a benefit tonight. Then this happened and I knit another one of these:

Chemo Cap

and started this:

Mitered Cloth

I won't need a shawl after all.

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