Monday, May 26, 2008

One Down

Two week, more or less, and school is over. The kids and I are counting the days, yes, for once, I am counting the days too, because they kids are off to Italy for two months as soon as school is out. I am sure I'll miss them terribly, but ..... 2 weeks completely alone, 4 weeks alone with my husband? I am sure I will be so happy to see them again, after I have enjoyed so much "me time."

Teapot Mat and Soap Pouch
The end of the school year means present for teachers and bus drivers. One evening, one down (I have only 4, at the end of the year only core teachers get a present.)

I found some Sugar 'n Cream in my stash and in a couple of hours (maybe three?), the Teapot Mat from Jo Sharp Knit 2. The soap pouch is very loosely based on the one from Spa Set Bath Mitt by Tamara Del Sonno, but I knit in stockinette and in the round. Add a nice bar of organic soap, and I am done.

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