Sunday, March 09, 2008

No pictures

I am still working on my Ariann [Ravelry link] and I have the sneaking suspicion that I do not really need the two extra ball I got. You see, I realized that I thought I was decreasing for the yoke, but I was not, because I was balancing the decreases with yarn overs of the pattern. So I ripped the whole thing off to the beginning of the yoke and then I went 4 inches up, 2 inches down, 5 inches up, 1 inch, down and so on all week.
I swear, you would think it is called Penelope instead of Ariann.

For the trill of finishing something, I made another Jen's Sensational Scarf [Ravelry link], same yarn, same everything.

I have not forgot about the contest, I just forgot to post about it. Thank you so much to everybody who donated, and we have to winners: Erica (very rightly so because she was the first one) and no-blog Mary. Gals, I will email you shortly about your prizes!

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