Friday, February 22, 2008

I can't believe it

Little PouchThis week is ski week, aka President Day Week, but here it is called ski week. Why? Because kids get a week (A WHOLE WEEK) off school.
So that people can go skiing.
You see, here you wear a t-shirt in January, so if you want to go skiing, you need a week or so to make it worthwhile to drive up to Lake Tahoe.
I do not ski. I do not like snow, it is cold and wet. And my minimum requirement for a vacation is that I can knit without risking to lose my fingers because of the cold.
Still, one week off school.

And, and the "and" really makes me mad, Stitches West is the same week as ski week. It is not that the folks at Knitting Universe do not know that it is ski week (everybody I know who knits and has school age children had emailed them about their lousy timing, maybe even several times.)
Still, ski week.
And it is raining.

So, if it were not ski week, I would be shopping until dropping dead at Stitches right now (well, not really because I do not do well in crowded places and I am making a serious effort to reduce my stash, and I am not saying this only because HWME reads this blog, hop over to Ravelry if you do not believe me.) Then I will have lunch with my husband who works five minutes away from the Santa Clara Convention Center. And then I will drive back toward home to pick up the kids.

Instead I am trapped with my kids at my store because my business partner is sick (that has nothing to do with Stitches, I'll admit that) and it is raining so they can't play outside in the gardens.

And I ran out of yarn for my Ariann. Yes, AGAIN I run out of yarn on a project. The pattern indicated I needed 1,240 yards of yarn, I had 1,240 yards of yarn, still .... running out.
And I need to rip about 5 cm back because I forgot the "AT THE SAME TIME" for the neck shaping.

The pouch? Made it last night. It's a pouch, you ran out of yarn? You make it smaller. Naturally Yarns Merino & Fur, sadly discontinued because it is a dream.

REMINDER: The contest closes Thursday at mid night.

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