Friday, January 19, 2007

Yarn and no photos

Not only I am working an several non bloggable project, but I am sick, so the chances of me finding the camera and then actually work it are pretty slim. Yesterday I was at the store while I was starting to feeling not so well, and it was pretty clear to Hollis I was getting worse by the minute: she laid the new shipment of Handmaiden Seasilk in front of me and all I said was "Hum."

So, while I have no photos, I have updates on my 2007 resolutions:

I have seamed one side of my Debbie Bliss Simple Jacket with Collar from Book 2 (item #1 in the photo). Being sick right now, not seaming, but ...... I should see my mom tomorrow, maybe if I beg and I play the pity card ......

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I have bought no yarn (remember, sock yarn is not sock yarn) and I am plotting the use of the one I have. Principessa has asked for a cardigan that will use about 20 balls of my Karabella Aurora 8 - either the designer was on drugs or it will fit her all way through college. I am using a lot of sock yarn since I have joined the L&V Sock Marathon 2007 (sock yarn is not stash yarn when I buy it, it does count as stash reduction when I use it - it's my stash, so my rules).
I have started a EZ Surprise Jacket last night (or at least I think so, it's the "knitting while I am sick" phenomenon again) with Lorna's Laces Sportweight in Bucks Bar, another pair of sock with STR in Fire on the Mountain and that brings me to ...

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I finished one project from the 16 I had at the beginning of January, and now I have 17 in progress. Ops! In my defense I will say that the Debbie Bliss Simple Jacket is really close (all the knitting is done), I have worked a couple of rounds of the Logcabin blanket (and there I realized that since I am leaving the stitches on hold instead of picking them up, I really need the new Options needles), I almost decided to frog the SSS socks, I did work on the twin set, and socks are just socks.

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