Sunday, January 21, 2007

Yarn and yet no photos

Look here, the number of WIPs is down to 15! I finished the Sock-ret socks (no photos, not only I am still sick, even worse than Friday, but I have plans for the pattern, so it is no wise to post a picture yet) and I decided to frog the SSS socks, the yarn just does not want to be socks, I'll use it for Project Spectrum in April/May. Since I managed two days without casting on for a new project, 17-2=15!

Since I do not have any new news, let's talk about old news. I have a new pattern here in Curious Creek "Arusha", a blend of merino and silk.

New England Stole

I finished the pattern ages ago, but since I am the worst at self-promotion, I just forgot to put link in my free pattern page. And talking about being really really bad at this, my pattern for the Sugar Maple Shawl has been available for sale for ages now, just never mentioned it - ops!

Sugar Maple Shawl

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