Sunday, September 17, 2006

Pictures heavy

After the Yarn Harlot visit and standing near her for three hours taking photos, I was a little "photo-ed out", like "give me a camera and I shall cry". Do not get me wrong, I enjoyed every minute of it, but I was definitely done with cameras for a while. I did not even take a photo of her in my car, Principessa is reminding me.
So, a week after, I played catch up up, lots of photos. And before that, since a couple of you asked, yes, I admit, the one on the right in the second photo of the public, with silly tiara and the silly expression on her face, yes, it is me.

Now, moving on, I owe both my SP8 and my August Colorswap pal many many thanks. My SP8 was Candace and she sent me two wonderful packages and topped those sending me this:

A Second Treasury of Magical Knitting


Last week I received my August Colorswap package from Susan - as you can read on her blog, she is having problems with her knee, so could not make it earlier to the post office. But being such a nice person, she always kept me in the loop so that I would not worry - she is really nice, and generous, look:

Slide your mouse over to see what was inside the white bag.

Lots and lots of goodies, Noro, Opal, Dazzle, Sugar 'n Cream, Flip, and chocolate, tea, and soap.


Knitting progress. I started my ISE3 scarf:

Tiger Eye Scarf

I have completed two repeats of the scarf and I really love this pattern. I usually do not care for variegated yarn and lace, but in this case I think it is working well:

Tiger Eye Scarf

Since it is getting chilly at the bus stop, at least by definition of chilly that is everything not freaking hot, I have knit a pair of fingerless mitten for myself:

Fingerless Mittens

pattern from One Minute Gifted Gifts, yarn Noro Silver Thaw, it really takes few hours to make a pair, and I already casted for a second set with this yarn.

High on the fact that I finished two tops for myself, and a pair of mittens, I casted for the Simple Knitted Bodice:

Simple Knitted Bodice

I am at the point where I need to put it on a scrap yarn and try it on - may I say that I hate doing that? I understand that I need to if I want it to fit (especially because I do have broad shoulders so I suspect that I need to keep increasing), but I feel like I want to throw a tantrum.
And just to reconfirm my love of the online knitting community, as soon as I posted on the SKB knit-along, I received several suggestions on how to avoid a tantrum.

Yes, I did say two tops, because after Tivoli, here it is, NBaT:


You have to believe me when I say it is brown, the most difficult to photograph brown on earth, but brown nevertheless.

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