Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Bus Stop Sock

Bus Stop Socks
It is happening again, I am alone. I walked Principessa to the school bus stop, went running, I walked Paperino to the school bus stop, came back home, espresso was waiting for me in a empty house. Alone.
School Bus.
Yesterday I was informed that it is not cool for a girl going to middle school to be walked to the bus stop.
Oh, I said, and why all the other parents of the other parents are walking their kids to our bus stop exactly like me? An unusual concentration of uncool parents?
They are not walking their kids, Principessa replied, they are walking their dogs. To the bus stop? Yeah, right.
But she is right, everybody else has a dog. I am strongly suspecting that they got the dog because a similar conversation they had with their kids. So, should I get a dog? Don't think so, husband and two kids are enough. But I love going to the bus stop, and chatting with my neighbors, while I knit my sock.
I am not walking you either, I replied, I am walking the sock. See? I have decided to call it "Bus Stop Socks", and so, I need to walk it to the bus stop, otherwise it would not be a Bus Stop Sock. So, tomorrow morning I'll set the record straight and I'll tell everybody I am walking the sock, not you.
Sign. Big sign. Bigger sign.
Ok, mom, you win, as long as you do not tell crazy story about you, your knitting, and you sock, you can walk me to the bus stop.
The power of knitting.

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