Saturday, September 23, 2006

Happiness is a completed sock

Bus Stop Sock

Finishing a sock gives me more happiness than any other FO's. There is no angst involved, the "how would I look in it" fear that makes me hide my latest top at the bottom of my drawer and pretend it's not there for a couple of months weeks. So, when are you going to wear your blue top? Which blue top? Eyes wide open. Me? Knitting a blue top? I don't think so.
A foot in a sock always looks nice. If you have two socks, and so both feet are clothed, even better. Sock on a sequoia? Not so good, don't you think? My first and last attempt of "sock and nature" sock.
So, I need to start something new, otherwise what I am going to knit at the bus stop?

Never mind that the "projects-to-grab-on-the-way-out" cabinet contains 4 "fit-in-my-purse" projects, I have three sweaters and a lace scarf laying around in my bedroom, I need something new.
So I started another Baby Bolero from One Skein, two My So Called Scarf (I may frog one, though), and a felted bag. I did not say that a needed one new thing.
The needles holder? My Knitty Summer Fling, Katy, sent it to me

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