Thursday, August 31, 2006

She must be insane

My Knitty SP7 must be a mad woman. Let me ask you, if you had 4 hanks of beautiful cashmere/merino blend, would you send it to a stranger across the globe? Be honest. I think it qualify as "insanity". Don't get me wrong, I am really happy to have such an insanely generous pal, but when I opened this box:

KnittySP7 gifts

and my kids started to scream, I want the treats, I want the Japanese treats, I was expecting fabulous gifts, as usual, not insanely fabulous gifts.

Merino Cashmere

1520 yards of cashmere/merino, that are screaming Icarus to me. And sock yarn:

Knitpicks Memories

that I really love (even with the pink and the blue, she knows what I am talking about).

So, what can I add more? I rest my case. She is insane.

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