Sunday, May 21, 2006

The Amazing Lace

Choices, choices, choices, I need to select my team mates for The Amazing Lace, and I am having a really hard time, so many worth candidates.

For the yarn category, let's peak at my lace yarn boxes:

Lace Weight Yarn

Plenty of choices, and if that was not enough, I can pick several from my fingering weight stash:

Fingering weight yarn

Nature's Palette

In the pattern category, at least five choices:


Ene's Scarf

Let's tackle this in a analytical way - pairing up yarns and patterns.

Ene's Scarf: 700 yards of lace weight yarn
- HPY Red Java
- Zephyr Martian

Trellis Scarf: 440 yards of lace weight
- HPY Red Java
- Zephyr Martian

Flower Basket Shawl: 880 yards of lace yarn or 440 of fingering yarn:
- HPY Red Java
- Cherry Tree Hill Glitter Alpaca
- Claudia Hand Painted
- Nature's Palette

Icarus Shawl: 875 yards of lace yarn:
- HPY Red Java

Leaf Lace Shawl: 1175 yards of lace yarn or 1100 yards of fingering yarn
- Inspirations Yarn in Poppy
- Shimmer in Grape Hyacinth
- Zephyr Royal Blue
- HPY Purple Gold

So, what should I do? Opinions?

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