Wednesday, August 30, 2006

I am alone in the house

And it feels so surreal, it never happens to me. Or at least not in the last 10 years.
Since I quit my corporate job at the end of July, the kids have been home with me, so no alone time whatsoever. Then last week they started school again and I do wonder again if there a black hole in my life that sucks in all the time of my day. If the kids are in school, shouldn't I have more free time? No, it does not look like.

But today, let me tell you about today. Kids in school, I am not at the store, no PTA or Foundation meetings, I am home. Alone. So you all know what I am doing, right?
Laundry. The black hole sucks time and spits out dirty laundry.

This black hole phenomenon is worth study, I think. Maybe I'll just walk up the road to the SLAC and ask them if they want to come and take a look. It should be up their alley, right?

In the meanwhile, I have a new knitting obsession, clothes for dolls:

Doll Clothes

They are even better than baby clothes, because they are smaller and dolls do not have sensitive skin. I think. I would not be that surprised if Principessa were to inform me that Chicchina can wear only organic cotton and handspun merino.

And I have joined another knit-along, for the Simple Knitted Bodice, this Lily from my stash is screaming for it:

Noro Lily

I thought I could start another project, or two, or three, since I have finished my Midwest Moonlight scarf. No photo yet, I have left it at the store. I think. I hope.

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