Wednesday, May 10, 2006


The Cherry Tree Hill shawl is done.

Cherry Tree Hill shawl

I need to weave in two ends and block it, that's it. No more deadlines for a while, just try to figure out what to do with my with no name capelet, socks, and few more projects. I have this thing about naming thing in English, just can't do it. I usually ask Principessa, what's this?
"It's a mantellina". Great, thanks, I knew that, how would you call it in English?
How long can I keep naming stuff in Italian? I guess people can think it is glamorous, but sooner or later sonmeone will figure out that I do not know the English name for Lilla'.
"Lilac", sighs Principessa shaking her head.

So, Mantellina?


P.S. if you are here looking for the new contest question, come back tomorrow!

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