Tuesday, May 09, 2006

The verdict is in

Koigu style got the majority of the votes, so Koigu style it is - I did re-wind all the skeins. Having a swift and a nitty-noddy, it is a breeze.

I must admit that I side with the minority report and I do prefer Lorna's Laces style; in fact, in my stash, a lot of Lorna's Laces, no Koigu, some Cherry Tree Hill.

So the yarn is ready to go, it will be at Full Thread Ahead soon, the first of many batches, as soon as I can get there. I am feeling much better, thanks everybody for the well wishes, but guess what? Paperino is sick now.

As for the contest, I used my usual highly scientific method, I asked Principessa to tell me a number between 1 and 48 (someone left me a comment offline, Haloscan was misbehaving), and she said: 31. So, go there and count ...... Jess!
Send me your mail address and the prize is on your way.

Thanks everybody for playing, I have another question for you all, so there will be another contest (and prize) soon - check back!

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