Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Fishing adventure

Yesterday I was home with a sick child, so I decided it was time to finish up some projects. I have quite few projects on the needles, and then there is the stuff I forget to list there, like this spiral hat I am making for the store:

Spiral Hat

So I resisted the urge to cast for a baby sweater with this:


or even for a new Fragola, another store sample:

Yarn for Fragola

So, what to finish? Ruffles, the never ending scarf?


What about the fish bag? I started the fish bag last year, in Karaoke, and it was supposed to use one of those new purse forms from SWTC. I knitted up a bunch of little fish in blue and variegated, and saw them together, and wrap them around the magic purse form. Well, it did not work, way too floppy, so yesterday I decided to felt it "a little" to give it substance. I took out the form and throw it in the washer.
Problem: the variegated Karaoke felts as soon as it sees the washer, the blue Karaoke ..... Maybe it is machine washable? So after 2 min in the washer, the variegated Karaoke was quite felted and the blue one was like new.

OK, let's felt the thing completely and not use the form (which, by the way, was all bended out, so now it is under 3 volumes of Lessico Universale Italiano, the weight of the Italian culture will beat into shape.)

Now it is felted, but the the two yarns felt so differently ...... Well, if you are strong, click here to see it.

I think I'll cut my losses and see if Principessa wants it as, I don't know, doll bed? Maybe one of Paperino's monsters action figures needs a need hiding place?

Lesson learned: swatch and felt you swatch.

Today? I did not even think about finishing something. I ripped out the stole I was making with the Nature's Palette, it wants to be a triagular shawl, and I learned how to crochet. Kind of.

Purple shawl and crochet

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