Wednesday, December 14, 2005

It's wrong

The darn pattern is wrong, the collar part is completely wrong, and I should have known. But it was in such a hurry to finish the darn jacket that I did not think, I just follow instructions. Never follow instructions. So I need to frog the fronts down to the armholes and re-knit them. Did I mention that I sewed the shoulders to convince me that it is wrong? Just kitchener stitch, so not biggie, but, darn, it is wrong.

Or, since last week I ordered this pattern book from Evelyn at Knitty Noddy - I could just drop the stupid wrong pattern and start on one of these:

Linea Rossa 28

Linea Rossa 16

Linea Rossa 09

Linea Rossa 08

I could make any of the solid color with this, or make the stripes one - I am such a Karabella hoarder.

But that would mean let the wrong pattern win, wouldn't it?