Wednesday, November 02, 2005

There is knitting going on

There is knitting going, just no photos because it is now dark when I get home from work. Don't get me wrong, I do love have an extra hour of sleep in the morning, and I am totally adjusted to it. No, let's be frank, I never adjust to have one hour less, so I am glad we are back to normal, even if I would not call "normal" having to get up in the morning. Mornings are for sleep.

I think everybody knows that yesterday post was a space filler, so what did I do since Friday?

I was at Full Thread Ahead both Saturday and Sunday, helping Hollis get the store ready. If you visit, and you should go, the store is beautiful and the yarns are amazing, please admire the DK section. Then I went back on Monday night for knit night, and more yarn petting.
Knitting news?
As I said, no photos, but I finished my White Buffalo felted bag - knitting goes really fast when you are using US #17 needles. I need to sew it up and then throw it in the washer. That will happen on Saturday so I can take the customary before and after photos.
I finished the back of my Debbie Bliss Simple Jacket with Collar and I started the fronts last night, already at the waist. I determined to finish this quickly because I really need a sweater and I want to move on to Jo Sharp. Still undecided between a solid color Sesame and Twist.
What else have I been doing?
I finished the toes of my two socks on two circular, I started the second sleeve my nephew's pullover (just occurred to me that he is coming on Saturday, I really should work on that), I frogged the sheep scarf, hid the Berbero, and I am strongly denying to everybody who asks that I have owned that yarn, I am pondering over the Tiger Eye Lace Scarf with Twinkletoes Socks Yarn (that yarn is way too scratchy to put on feet, I do not know who would do that, so I am making a scarf out of it, makes perfect sense, right?). As for Hopeful, Nothing But a T-shirt, and the Branching Out Handwarmers, I take the 5th. But I better finish Hopeful, Principessa has moved from "We can knit this together" to "Have you ever going to finish it?".