Wednesday, October 19, 2005

The sheep and me

I like sheep, I would not want to have them in my backyard - I leave that pleasure to others - but I like them. After all, sheep = wool. Nice animals. But I would not want to look like one.

Even with my ever growing stash, I refuse to subscribe to the concept of "core stash" - if you do not know what "core stash" is, go buy this book. So I was thinking about my oldest stash, namely:



Lane Della Robbia - Osiris

Lane Della Robbia - Berbero

So, I need to knit up these little suckers, soon. Let's skip the Eskimo for now, I really have no idea. Beautiful colors, kind of scratchy. Next Austerman Caprice, I did buy with a project in mind, then I looked at the schematic and I said "no shaping, no way". So yesterday night I browsed all my knitting book and magazines and I went "ah ah":

Debbie Bliss Simple Jacket with Collar

Right gauge, right quantity, match made in heaven. Well, until I swatch, but still, I am happy now.
Second "ah ah":

Lane Della Robbia Osiris

Happy, happy, I am going to knit up all my stash. No, do not remind me of how much I have, I am happy, do not ruin it. Berbero is taking care of that. I have 13 balls, 1,430 m of this yarn. Why did I buy it? Besides the fact that I love all yarn from Lane Della Robbia, all so heavenly soft, and it was in the bargain bin of the merceria near my parents' place? Let's face it, it looks like a sheep. Do I want to look like a sheep? No.

So? As I said it is softer then butter, so a scarf! I double it and there I went:

Lane Della Robbia Berbero

Hated it. It is so nubbly and sheepy-like that as no stitch definition at all. Ever a simple rib looks horrible. I tried a false entrelac before that, could not see anything. So I thought, why not an afghan? So I casted 125 stitches and quickly realized I was out of my mind. Frog.

Back to the scarf plan, and let's face it, hats and mittens and then another scarf. Since I can see the stitches, why bother? Cast 40 and garter stitch I go. Boy, it is soft.