Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Tuesday is knit-along day

I haven't started myAugust stashbuster project yet - how many days I have left?

sockitalong button02
I am still working on the second pair of baby socks for the new moms at Camp Pendleton - I finished the first sock but I am not sure that I have wnought yarn for the second! I'll need to weight the yarn and the sock and see. But I started a Quickie Baby Sweater - we''ll see if it is a fast knit as they say.

pink Soleil Along
Soleil is done. I tried it on and it is too big for me - good because my friend is bigger than me. The v-neck is pretty deep and the armholes are kind of loose, but I think the crochet edge will fix that.

Summer Knit-Along
8 summer projects done (SnB Little Top, Knee High Socks, Striped Toe-up Socks, Fragola, baby tank top, Matilde, Kidlet Tank and Haiku) and 2 on the needles (NBaT and Soleil).

I need to make a couple of baby sweater, hats and socks, and a blanket. Everybody is having a baby right now! My collegue had the baby today and I have't started on her sweater yet!

unionsquare_kal2 FBBLogo tshirtalong
Nothing new to report on these.

I think the scale is broken, or lying ......