Sunday, August 21, 2005

Celebrating freedom

How did I celebrate freedom yesterday? I did not shower nor get out of my PJ all day long. And I knitted, of course. A tablemat:


Yep, I am not a kitchen cotton virgin anymore. I must say, I liked better than I thought. I picked out some Sugar'n Cream in Minneapolis, no idea why. It was on sale, I thought I never knitted a dishcloth, maybe I could try. But then it occurred to me that I do not do dishes, I have a dishwasher. That reminds me what else I did yesterday to celebrate my freedom, I left dirty dishes in the sink, knowing that nobody would shoot me a dirty look that reads "You are an horrible wife and housekeeper" after only five minutes to then sigh loudly and say "I'll wash these now". And yes, I did pointed out to her that we have a dishwasher and that as soon as the load was done I would hurry to unload and reloaded it. You see, she says that if you wait the food and grease and whatsnot will be stuck on the dishes forever, making it impossible to wash them. She lacks the college experience, where among other things you learn that you can have the dirty dishes wait for weeks and still be able to clean them. We had a party today, and I have plenty of dirty kitchenwear right now around the house - I plan not to wash any of it, just load and unload the dishwasher until everything is clean. Or until the cleaning lady comes, whatever occurs first. Yes, amazing as it is, I do not clean so that the cleaning lady does not find a "too dirty" house. If she thinks it is too much, she'll ask for a raise I'll happily give her.
But I digress, back to knitting. As you see, I need more then one ball to make one tablemat, so I have three, I need three more to make four. And that is where shopping online comes handy, Herrschners has it on sale, and now that I do not dread coming home from work anymore, I really don't care to go hunting around in craft stores to see if they carry the shade I want.
More knitting news, I finished the back of Soleil:


Made a mistake in the fronts, I need to frog ten rows or so.