Wednesday, August 24, 2005

New obsession

Probably you need to know this as much as I did, but well, here it is:


It is way worse than eBay, check out the Craft supplies - Yarn category, if you do not believe me. You have Knitterly Things and Midnightsky Fibers Shop , and you can RSS feed the shops in your bloglines. Who the heck came up with that idea?

So I am here, looking at yummy yarns. And the other thing is, I am so over summer knits right now. Not that I am going to have a winter anytime soon, unless I travel someplace, I can just wait and wait for the winter that will never come, but early in the morning you can smell the fall coming. Then at lunch time, reality sets in and you realize that you were hallucinating and no, it is still summer. But still I crave thick handspun warm yarn. After all, I can always let the guy from Minnesota win our termostat war and have freezing temperature in the office.