Thursday, August 25, 2005

The three curses of knitting

1. The curse of the circular needles - you never had the ones you need
2. The curse of the gauge - you never have the yarn with the right gauge in your stash, and even if you do, your gauge is off.
3. The curse of the yarn - you never have enough.

Really, never. The only person I know that maybe, and I stress maybe, has enough yarn, is Hollis, just because her entire store inventory is sitting in her living room (and guest room, and children's room, and family room) right now. If you thought that Kristine's story about her opening an online store was a saga, get Hollis to tell you hers: it's longer and way more entertaining.

But the particular annoying lack of yarn situation is when you are just this short from finishing a project. Since the deadline for the new moms at Camp Pendleton project is today, I hurried to finish my second pair of socks. So I casted off the fist one and looked at the leftover yarn:

Hint: slide your mouse on the photo to see how much the sock weight.

Plan A: I buy another ball of Lion Brand Magic Stripes, but even crazy me thinks that it is way too much to buy 100 gr of yarn because I need 2.
Plan B: Frog the damn sock and make another pair of these instead:


I like plan B better, especially because baby socks and cables? Very bad idea, someone should kick me in the head next time I say that these


are cute. 4 tiny needles plus a working tiny needle plus a tiny cable needle?
Did I mention "tiny"?