Tuesday, August 02, 2005

New projects and bowling

The fact that they are really driving me crazy brought on a bout of knitting ADD and I started two new projects last night:


A hat for Afghans for Afghans (in green and white) and a Sam's blanket (probably for PRR). I am yet to start Soleil, but I was too mad last night to concentrate on lace.

What about bowling? Well, that's another story. I need to tell you. Americans are wacky people. Back where I come from, if employers wants to show appreciation to employee, they give them money or time off, or a combination of thereof. Here, I have EAD (Employee Appreciation Day), and every year we have this wacky day in which we do not get to work but play. This year it was bowling.

I never bowled in my life. Before today, that's it.

I got 14 points in the first game and 33 in the second one (after someone took pity on me and explain what I was supposed to do). So I got a prize, as "best sport", that cute retro meal carrier. I had a blast, really. After all, I got to knit while it was not my turn - see the Kidlet Tank almost done?

But it is still way wacko.

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