Wednesday, August 03, 2005

No FO yet

I am this close from finishing the Kidlet Tank, I swear, 4 rows plus the I-cord and I am done.
But I can check something "done" and move the button from the "link" section to "Done it!" - yesterday I mailed out my last package to the lady I am spoiling for KnittySP4. I must say, I have had so much fun with all the SP's I have participated, that I keep signing up for more. What can I say? I love getting mail and spoiling someone is much fun!

I am still in SP5, I am already signed up for KnittySP5 and I think I should be in for the Felted Bag SP. I am insane, I know.

See my stash total is a little down? Not because I have been knitting much, but because I sent out a couple of RAOKs of yarns that were not speaking to me anymore.

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