Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Tony Soprano and the freezer

My husband's best friend always tells him: "Only you and Tony Soprano say breaking balls, it's busting". Well, it's the literal translation of "rompere le palle", and my husband likes Tony Soprano (talking about wise choice of role models), so it takes it as a compliment.
So, every once in a while, I ask him, if I bother you a lot about this, like there is not end to it, se ti rompo le palle e non la finisco piu', will you do it?
He laughs at me. Really hard.
See, he grew up with a professional ball breaker, someone who could win a gold medal for it, I am an amateur.
His mother can complain, bother, ask, order, plead, argue about something no stop for days until anybody would do anything to MAKE.HER.STOP.
When you are not the object of her act, it is actually amusing to watch. If you are, you wish someone will put you out of your misery.
Nothing short that obtaining what she wants stops her. I personally tried several approach. If one ignores her, she keep going. Arguing with her only gives her more fuel. Trying to be firm and put a stop to it with something like "This is not up for discussion, it is my decision" sends her in a terrifying whirl of fury and unlogical crazy statements - there is no doubt in her mind that she is right about everything, and the only way she can forgive people for not doing things her way is because "You did not think about it, right?". Try answering, No, I did think about it and I decided otherwise, hell breaks loose.
So, the freezer. Our freezer does not work very well. It gets stuck in the defrost mode and so it does not freeze anymore. We don't care because we do not use it much. I am the "shop for tonight dinner cooking from scratch" kind and I keep a couple of items in the freeze. If the freeze gets stuck and does not work, I throw them away. When it gets stuck, it stops making ice so I know it is not working, I throw away the two items, that's the end of it.
Until now.
She is on a mission to get my husband to have the freezer fixed. Do not know why. Our refrigerator is stacked with food of their choice and she is always worried there is nothing to eat. I stop at the market every day coming back home from work because they need more bread, more jelly and more eggs. The amount of bread and eggs they consume is amazing. And tomatoes. If I were to eat as much as them I would weight 250 pounds. So, I sit back and watch her following my husband around the house talking about the freezer. Some of the things she says are truly insulting, like accusing us to make the children sick because we thaw and re-freeze food - never happened. But when she is on a roll she gets more and more far fetched, starts making up stories that then she'll believe.
But you know, if I get over the fact that she is making up tales about us being irresponsible parents who feed rotten food to their children, I get a sadistic pleasure watching her. After all, she is his mother so it is his fault she is here.
And I wonder if I can get her on his case about the screen door to the backyard. I am evil.

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