Monday, July 18, 2005

Now what to do?

Now that I have abandoned my plans to make the A-line Jacket, what am I going to do with my Jagger Trinity?
I am in no hurry to decide, but having a yarn without not even the hint of an assigned project bothers me. It's like always in the back of my mind. It is pure stash - I once argued that I have no or little stash because almost every yarn I have has an intended project, and this is what that thinking led me to.

So, what to do with Trinity?

Not a cardi, the yarn is too flimsy. A good flimsy, but flimsy. I got a gauge of 22 sts / 4" on US #6, but I'll probably use #5 or #4 to obtain a more substantial fabric. So a camisole? A tank top?

Browsing here is so dangerous because I may see something else I like and I do not have the yarn for, like this, that I could make with this, if I were to buy yarn, but I am not because of this.
I could go for Rose or Maisy (when you look, try not to focus on the hat) , or both since I have 2,218 yards!

On actual knitting news, I made Matilde's armhole bands, sewed the sides up and I am only to make the neckband. And I even knitted some of Haiku, I am 3 inches from the neck opening.
I haven't casted for the new NBaT, I really want to finish Matilde first. Then I'll give me permission to cast for NBaT and another baby project.

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