Sunday, July 17, 2005

Got gauge?

Well, no. Remember when I complain that Jo Sharp Desert Garden has low yardage and it splits like there is no tomorrow? I don't care, I so love this yarn, it is such a pleasure to handle it that I even like to swatch. So I have this:

Jo Sharp Desert Garden

and this:

Jo Sharp Desert Garden

and finally this:

Jo Sharp Desert Garden

when I decided to stop since I am down to needle size 4, and even if I do not have gauge yet (17 vs. 19 I need), I finally got the drape I want. Can't believe I am going to knit NBaT on #4. The good thing is that I do not have to re-do any math because I'll just knit the smallest size (plus 2 stitches salvage) and that's my size.

It is so true that knitting is a tactile experience, there are yarn that I love so much that I am happy to knit and re-knit forever, and others I just don't care for, no matter how stunning the colors. That's the reason why Haiku is not growing, I live the colors of the yarn, but just not enjoy knitting it so much. But this, this and this, I could pet them forever!

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