Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Stash update

Elspeth asked about a stash update, and the answer is: nothing to report. Now, I am lying because I went to Hollis last night, but I have no stash decrease to report after all my Hawaii knitting.
How is that possible?
As you can see:

Baby Socks

I still have all that Crazy Stripes left, so nothing to subtract there.
The yarn for the blue hat was Hollis', even if I am done now with the red hat I still have plenty of Optimum left - fish? And see that ball there, on the left?

Happy Sox

That is the leftover from the first socks - 90 yards! That means that I'll have 180 yards left when I am done with the second socks. That is enough for a pair of ankle socks, even if Lorna's Laces is too nice go into shoes where nobody can see it. And before someone suggests it, no, I'll never wear those see through clear plastic shoes. I am Italian, shoes is a serious subject for me, plastic does not belong on my feet. I time my trips to Italy according to the shoes I need.
I'll probably make baby socks with the Lorna's laces leftover - baby do not wear shoes and their feet are always up.

So I knitted, knitted and knitted and the total is still 366. Without counting the Beyond and the Karaoke.

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