Saturday, July 16, 2005


I found an outlet for my negative energy, I am frogging projects I am not happy with:


So there, no more A-line jacket. It was coming out huge (even if I was getting the right gauge, then I read the pattern better and it states a finished measurement of 48 in for a 40 in bust, what the heck?), I think I should use #5 not #6 for the Jaeger Trinity because the fabric was too loose, and I am not sure I like the pattern anymore.
So there, frogged and out. That brings my yarn count up 1 ball.

Then NBaT, I still love the pattern but several things were wrong with my executions. Again, the fabric was too loose, so I am going to use a smaller needles size. And I'll probably widen the collar too. I am not sure how many balls my stash count will go up for that, since I am still frogging.

And then, ready for my latest stash enhancement?

First, remember when I was stalking Full Thread Ahead for Karaoke, here is the loot:


And cotton for $3.5/ball? I can finally make Ibiza from Loop-d-loop:


And for that price, I threw in 2 extra balls for the Ballerina top for Principessa as well.

And since everybody was buying it, Pakucho from Elann:

Pakucho Organic Cotton

to finally make the Suspension Cardigan (and matching top) from Hapagirl.

So my stash count is over 400 now - NEED.TO.DO.SOMETHING.

Plan A: Throw in-laws out. Sorry, can't do. I am Italian after all.

Plan B: Run away. I would, but I can't pack all my yarn with me and I can't bear to leave it behind. And the kids too.

Plan C: join this. Uhmm, it might work.

And I knitted some yesterday, one armhole band for Matilde. Felling slightly better, thanks everybody for the nice comments and concerns. I have survived six weeks of in-laws before, I'll do it again.

Or at least it is what I am telling myself ......

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  1. Damn, now I feel pressure to go to the gym! Silly question -- how can you frog but not knit while the in-laws are there? Anyway, good for you for at least organizing your projects. 6 weeks is nothing -- a friend's in-laws are in from India for 3 mos.! (or was it 6 mos.?)


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