Thursday, June 16, 2005

Packing for a trip

I am going to San Diego for the weekend, leaving tomorrow morning. That leads to important decisions: what to pack?

I want light and small projects, on dpns or circular needles, and I usually overpack projects, but once I ran out of knitting and once is enough.

First of all, Triada Scarf - now that I have seen Jenifer's I am determined to finish it.

Then, on Paperino's list I have 3 hats, so I am surfing my stash to decide what to make with what. Speaking of which, last night I started the second Wavy Gravy, but needles size 15 were very noisy and we were watching Suspect Zero, so I started diagonal lace scarf with Peruvian Highland Collection Pure Alpaca in green.
But back to the hats, two woman hats and one man hat.

Candidates for the man hat are:

Candidates for the woman hats are:

If I can - I need to check the yardage - I'll go with the Merino and Fur for the man hat, still undecided for the woman hats, but I found this cool Random Stripe Generator in case I want to go that way.

And it is raining again - have I moved out of California?

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