Wednesday, June 15, 2005


Yes, I did join another knit-along, even if I am not starting until I am done with the scarves. And I get my yarn. Did I order more yarn? Yes, guilty as charged, but it is for a gift and I really did not have anything in my stash I could make Soleil with.
I ordered Amazon DK from Knit Werx and I am making it for less than $30 including shipping!

Then the fabulous package arrived from my Knitty SP and reading the pattern more closed - I should read the pattern before ordering the yarn, should I? - I found out:

- I could have ordered only 6 balls of Amazaon Dk instead of 8 (at $2.60 per ball, it's not a big deal, but then I'll have these two extra ball sitting in my stash forever .....)
- I can make a Soleil with Cathay, and my friend did say pink or azzure .....

On the front of using yarn, I finished the cardigan from the Baby Cardigan Set - one ball down! - and I used up the first ball of Jaeger Trinity for the A-line Jacket - two balls down!


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