Thursday, June 23, 2005


Let's be honest, I am not de-stashing, but I did swap some yarn for knitting books, so my ball count went down 6 point - I am so proud of myself! Giving away yarn is really hard for me, I always think that I'll use it some day.

I am making progress on Paperino's list. The green Alpaca scarf is 66% done, I did finish the second ball of yarn, but I bought this:


from Cookie, so that was a wash. The purple hat is half done, and I am decided that a fingering weight scarf

Feather and Fan Scarf

is not going to cut when I am one week and 7 projects away from my deadline - is that a project per day?

So I am going to use the worsted weight Wool of Andes

Knit Picks Kool-aid Yarn

to make two Buttercream.

Don't forget, Principessa and I are going to knit against cancer (like she said) this coming weekend:

sponsor me and win yarn!

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