Monday, May 16, 2005

You know that you knit too much

or that you think about knitting too much when you are drunk on champagne and instead of thinking about your mate's clothes (specifically, about taking them off him), all you can focus on is that cute orange top someone you don't know is wearing, and while you can't walk, because you are wearing this:


that goes so well with champagne but not so well with drunk walking on grovel, you are sober enough to reconstruct the pattern in your head.

Beside my very bad choice of shoes, the Hoedown was a blast: I had the perfect outfit for the champagne bar:


but soon understood while everybody else was wearing boots - grovel! Maybe the word "Hoedown" was an hint? My knitting basket was very well bid upon and went to a friend of mine.

Knitting news:

I finished the multidiagonal scarf:

Multisdirectional Diagonal Scarf

so the scarf and three fish I made with the leftovers gained me 1 yarn point (I used two balls of yarn).

Then I made three Dulaan hats, even if I have photos of only two - but you believe me, don't you?

Dulaan Hat #6

Dulaan Hat #7

So since charity knitting matches one to one and I used three balls of yarn, I earned another 3 points for a total of 4 points I can spend this Saturday at the Full Thread Ahead Lunch Party.

Marina suggested that I can borrow yarn, to pay back at a higher rate (5 to 1). I might do that!

And Amanda says that de-stashing (like giving away yarn to friends and SP recipient) counts too. Since I just mailed a ball of yarn to my KR SP-ee, I actually have 4.5 yarn points! I think I'll send out my next package to my Knitty SP4-ee soon .......

Least but not last, a big thank you to my latest sponsors for the Relay for Life: Amanda and Claudia, who is doing a ms bike tour, so hop over there and sponsor her!.

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