Tuesday, May 17, 2005

I am done!

With what? Dulaan hats, I made the last two last night and now there are ready to go. Here is the photo of #8:

Dulaan Hat #8

I am not saying that I won't knit for the Dulaan Project anymore, it is such a worthy cause (go read Mossy Cottage blog), but I am done for now and I am moving on to other commitment.

So, let's make this knit-along day - where did I get this idea?.
But before I go down the list of the knit-alongs I have joined (and neglected), the two hats I knitted last night earned me 2 yarn points, so my total is now 6.5 points.

Knit-along status update:


Postponed until fall


Two pairs of socks done, still working on Paperino's second sock.


Now that I am done with the Dulaan hats, I am going to make hats for Afghans for Afghans.


I am 50% with the fronts of the pink cardi.


Poor neglected scarves! I frogged Misty Garden, and I am going to start Campus Scarf soon.

Summer Knit-Along

Nothin' But a T-shirt and the pink cardi are my summer projects for now.

Triada Along

Will I start it tonight?


The sewing party started ages ago - have I ever mentioned I do not like to sew pieces together?


I have three cardi and one blanket to make - started the first cardi and I am making fish!

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  1. Cute hat! Good job making all of the hats!

    I think you are doing so great with your KALs!


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